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A beginner's guide to seeding zoysia grass

by Joel Margolis 10/16/2023

When it comes to planting a grass lawn, you have the option of using rolls, plugs or seeding. Zoysia grass, a popular warm-season grass used in many lawns, can be planted successfully all three ways. While plugs and rolls are a quicker method, seeding can be more cost-effective.

If you’re interested in growing a zoysia grass lawn from seed, here is a basic guide to help:

Timing is everything

One of the keys to planting zoysia seed is to choose the right time of year. Zoysia grass seed will not germinate if the temperatures are too cold, so don’t plant until you’re safe from a chance of frost. Optimal timing is early or mid-spring, so the grass has enough time to establish itself before winter.

Start with a clean slate

Before a zoysia grass lawn can grow and thrive, it needs a clear space to do so. Remove debris like thatch, sticks, old leaves or dead grass before you get started. It’s also important to clear away any living vegetation like weeds, so they don’t compete with the new zoysia grass for space and nutrients.

Prep & fertilize

Like with all lawn grasses, zoysia grass will thrive with the right amount and type of fertilizer. One great way to prepare your zoysia lawn for success is to treat the soil with a complete lawn fertilizer or fresh compost before planting.

Spread, sow & water

Once the soil is prepared, use a seed spreader to distribute the zoysia seed evenly throughout the space. Then, cover the seeds with a small layer of sand or soil, no larger than ¼ inch. This will help insulate the seeds and improve germination success.

Zoysia grass seed needs plenty of water to get started. Water regularly so the seeds stay moist for the first 14 days. Adjust your watering habits based on weather conditions: in hot temperatures, water more often to help the grass seed flourish into a beautiful lawn. However, be sure to follow local watering laws and recommendations.

By following these basic steps for growing zoysia grass from seed, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy lawn.

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